How To Organize A Training Session

The game will tell you what the team needs to practice.

The ability level of your players, both tactically and technically, should be considered when choosing activities.

Note: Limit the emphasis of the training session to one or two techniques or tactical points.  The bookends of every training session and match are a warm-up and a cool-down.


  1. Warm-up – This is to ready the players physically and mentally for the tasks in the training session.  It should implicate the technical or tactical points for the session.  A form of active range of motion stretching can be included.
  2. Individual activities – (if appropriate) each player with a ball to ensure maximum number of contacts with the ball.
  3. Small group activities – Now the technical or tactical points of the workout can be trained in a more game-like environment keeping the numbers in each group small enough to provide repetition for each player.
  4. Large group activities – This does not necessarily mean 11 vs. 11.  It can be numbers even, numbers up or numbers down.  It does mean a competitive game or game-like activity.
  5. Cool-down – For older players who have worked very hard during the session a cool-down should be included at the end of the training session.  This would include light jogging and active range of motion stretching.

Always write out a lesson plan for each training session you conduct.  Be well organized before the players arrive with enough cones, training bibs, air pump, corner flags, goals (preferably portable), a first aid kit, water for the players and you and a few extra balls.  Be sure too of the amount of space you’ll have available for training and will it accommodate the activities in your lesson plan.  Check the training area for any safety hazards!  Know the location of the nearest accessible telephone for emergencies.

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